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Roadside assistance Del Mar is available for any number of emergencies that may come up when you are out on the roads. Whether you need a tow, you are locked out, need a jump, stuck in a ditch, have a flat or need fuel, our service professionals are there to assist you in your disabled 24 hours a day.

Towing Options

Your vehicle will be towed with safety and great care. When towing a vehicle, there are several different methods of towing. A roadside assistance Del Ray professional will know which is the safest way to securely transport your vehicle. Your roadside assistance professional knows that it matters to know the difference between cars that are all wheel drive, rear wheel drive, manual or automatic transmission. This can determine which method is required to carefully transport your prized possession to a place where it can be repaired.

Here are the three most common tow truck options:

Hook and Chain Towing

Most people visualize this traditional method when they think of towing. A chain is attached or wrapped around the axle or, if necessary, around the frame. As the hook and chain towing method could possibly damage or scratch your prized possession, this technique is only used for vehicles that have been damaged in an accident and will require bodywork

Wheel-Lift Towing

Wheel-lift towing has also been widely used in moving damaged vehicles. Like the hook and chain towing the vehicle is attached with a a sort of metal yoke instead of a heavy chain. This yoke is attached either under the front or the rear wheels of the damage vehicle. Next, a hydraulic hooklift hoist lifts the vehicle so that only one set of wheels are touching the ground. Now, the vehicle is ready to be towed away.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed Towing is the preferred method of safely towing vehicles without scratching the paint nor causing undue stress to the axle or body by the pulling motion. Using hydraulics, the bed is positioned into a ramp. Then using a winch, the vehicle is dragged onto the bed. If the vehicle is functioning, then the it will be driven straight onto the flatbed.

Other Roadside Services

Lock-Out Assistance

It happens. You throw in your baby or groceries in the back of the car and then panic sets in. You find that you are
accidentally locked out of your running car. One call will give you peace of mind. We will quickly get you back safely back into

Jump Starts

A battery can drain because of a door left open or another more serious mechanical reason. Jump starting a dead battery is fairly easy using a running vehicle hooked up to the disabled vehicle by a set of jumper cables. As a battery that is cracked or visibly leaking acid should never be jumped, having a professional come in and start your car will give you peace of mind that you are thinking of safety first.

Tire Changes

Whether a nail or other unseen object on the road, flat tires happen. Changing a tire can be very dangerous on a dark or busy road. Calling a professional is the safest and quickest way to remedy your vehicle and safely get you back on your way.

Winch Outs

If your find your car stuck in deep mud or in a ditch, you need a winching service. Call us and give our agent as many details as possible on where your vehicle is and the closest accessible road or path, This will ensure your driver will bring all the necessary tools and machinery to get your back on the road and if necessary, to the shop.

Fuel delivery

Perhaps you just put gas into your car the other day and another driver used more fuel than you expected. Or maybe you just plain forgot. Out of gas and stuck on the road can be very dangerous. Give us a call and we will promptly deliver the correct fuel for your vehicle and get you back on your way.